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Hotel Monaco: An ideal boutique hotel for visiting sights and sounds of Utah

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Monaco Salt Lake City places guests on the cusp of America's outdoor playground. With five national parks, the hotel makes it easy to experience a nature-filled Salt Lake City vacation. The Mighty 5 are located close together, allowing visitors to experience them all in one trip. Monaco Salt Lake City, located 20 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport, is the perfect hotel to spend the night at after landing while preparing for your week’s adventure or to relax at after your unforgettable journey before flying home. Salt Lake City is approximately 3 and half hours from Arches National Park.

Arches National Park - 244 mi. more

  • About: Arches National Park contains the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches. This National Park is a red, arid desert, punctuated with oddly eroded sandstone forms such as fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks, and arches. The 73,000-acre region has over 2,000 of these "miracles of nature."
  • Activities: Biking, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Offroad
  • Attractions:
    • Windows Section: Balanced Rock, Double Arch, North/South Window
    • Fiery Furnace: A labyrinth of sandstone cliffs and monoliths.
    • Devils Garden: Landscape Arch, Double O Arch, Dark Angel Arch
    • Delicate Arch: The park's most famous geologic feature

Bryce Canyon National Park - 273 mi. more

  • About: Thousands of delicately carved spires rise in brilliant color from the amphitheaters of Bryce Canyon National Park. Millions of years of wind, water and geologic mayhem have shaped and etched the pink cliffs at Bryce, which isn't actually a canyon but the eastern slope of the Paunsaguant Plateau.
  • Activities: Backcountry, Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback, Offroad
  • Attractions:
    • Bryce Amphitheater: Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Inspiration Point
    • Fairyland Point: Sinking Ship, Boat Mesa, China Wall
    • Scenic Drive: Fairview Point, Rainbow Point, Yovimpa Points

Canyonlands National Park - 244 mi. more

  • About: Huge area of rugged land west and south of Moab, Utah. It consists of canyons and plateaus carved by two mighty rivers - the Colorado and the Green. The park offers some of the most challenging 4X4 roads and whitewater rapids in the world. It also offers great opportunities to hike, bike and engage in other recreational activities.
  • Activities: Biking, Camping, Climbing, 4X4 Trails, Hiking, Horseback
  • Attractions:
    • Island in the Sky: Grand View Point, Mesa Arch, Upheaval Dome
    • The Needles District: Elephant Hill, Chesler Park, Confluence Overlook
    • The Maze District: Doll House, Golden Stairs, Orange Cliffs
    • Horseshoe Canyon: The Great Gallery

Capitol Reef National Park - 213 mi. more

  • About: Capitol Reef National Park is characterized by sandstone formations, cliffs and canyons, and a 100-mile long bulge in the earth's crust called the Waterpocket Fold. Erosion has carved the rock into marvelous shapes. Since its designation as a national park in 1971, the majesty of Capitol Reef has been intriguing visitors with its twisting canyons, massive domes, monoliths and spires of sandstone for the past century.
  • Activities: Biking, Camping, Climbing, Fishing, Hiking, Horseback, Offroad
  • Attractions:
    • Main Features: Capitol Dome, Hickman Bridge, Goosenecks
    • Scenic Drive: Grand Wash, Cassidy Arch, Golden Throne
    • Cathedral Valley: Temple of the Sun and of the Moon, The Walls of Jericho
    • Waterpocket Fold: Burr Trail, Notom-Bullfrog Road, Muley Twist Canyon

Zion National Park - 309 mi. more

  • About: Designated in 1919, Zion is Utah's oldest national park. The park is known for its incredible canyons, including The Narrows, which attract canyoneers from around the world. Hiking possibilities are endless. With nearly three million visitors per year, Zion is Utah's most heavily used park. Most park facilities are located in the Zion Canyon area, and it attracts the most visitors. There are four main sections in Zion National Park
  • Activities: Backcountry, Biking, Camping, Canyoneering, Hiking, Horseback, Offroad
  • Attractions:
    • Zion Canyon: Emerald Pools, Angels Landing, The Narrows
    • Kolob Canyons: Scenic Drive, Taylor Creek, Kolob Arch
    • Kolob Terrace: The Subway and other backcountry trails
    • Highway 9: The Tunnel, Canyon Overlook trail, Checkerboard Mesa

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park - 385 mi. more

  • About: Monument Valley was created as material eroded from the ancestral Rocky Mountains, and was deposited and cemented into sandstone. The formations you see in the valley were left over after the forces of erosion worked their magic on the sandstone. A geologic uplift caused the surface to bulge and crack. Wind and water then eroded the land, and the cracks deepened and widened into gullies and canyons, which eventually became the scenery you see today.
  • Activities: Aerial Tours, Biking, Camping, Hiking, Horseback
    • Monument Valley: The Mittens, Three Sister, Totem Pole
  • Gouldings Trading Post: Artifacts, Western Movies

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